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Gurinder W. Oakland, CA

The whole team was really attentive to me and my family's needs.  They did a good job on both my cars, and were really helpful in navigating thefts, hit and runs, and broken glass.  In a world where trust is hard to find, these folks have proven to me they are trustworthy. They also worked with me to get the best deals and never have upsold me.  They have a customer for life. Much appreciated!


Robert Y. in San Francisco, CA

Couldn't be more happy with the work on my BMW X3. Estimate was reasonable (close to what I expected, but some others were quite a bit more), and work was done on time. What more do you want? Pickup was a bit tricky due to construction on their street, but they worked with me to make it easy. Workmanship is excellent - highly recommended!!


Susan W. in Oakland, CA

This body shop is the best. Friendly, easy to work with people. They got my bumper repaired in under an hour.


Hector Z. in Oakland, CA

Took my 65 mustang here, but was informed they don't work on older cars. The manager did hook me up with a shop that does. So while they didn't work on my car, he was very nice and steered me towards a nice alternate shop. That's great customer service.


Dan H. in Oakland, CA

This place just did an amazing job on our car, I can't recommend them enough!! I got several quotes on our six year old SUV w dented back panel, and VIP's was on the low end (not the lowest), and I went with them because of their good reputation, and my comfort level w them. They were able to get the job done in 4 days while another place told me that they would need to have 2 or 3 weeks. (By the way, even if you're using insurance to pay, it's good to get multiple quotes to keep the price down to something reasonable.) Our car looks like new again, thank you VIP! I hope to not need you again, but you know I'll be back if I do...


David Z. in Oakland, CA.

A very professional group. Ricky was great, communication with him was impeccable, if you deal with him you'll understand, he's top notch. I didn't catch the name of the receptionist but she was aces as well. Final result was indistinguishable from factory original. This is the place to go if you want your car as you remember it.


Maria F. in San Francisco, CA

VIP Auto Collision Repair was recommended by a friend and they exceeded my expectations.  I had shopped around and their price was the best.  They provided great service and quality results.  I even went back a few days after completion of the service and they immediately helped me with another matter. Thank you Joseph and team for taking care of me.


Grace G. in Oakland, CA

Joseph fixed my mirror in 10 minutes and gave me a great deal. He's the best! This is a great shop, they work around clients schedules really well. I always have my car done when I need it. Thanks VIP Auto!


Cee B. in Castro Valley, CA

Joesph does high quality work. I've taken both of my BMW's to him several times. Never a problem with anything. I have also taken my mother's car to him. His work is just phenomenal. He is reliable, professional and the prices are reasonable. VIP is my go too.


Lindsay S. in San Francisco, CA

Joseph and Arturo were awesome! They performed the work on my car quickly, had excellent communication, dealt with insurance and did an amazing job...plus they had the BEST PRICE.


Karen P. in Oakland, CA

They did an amazing job with our car there was one thing they didn't do but we went and they gladly helped us...over all 95% satisfied with everything treated us fairly and pushed the insurance to hurry up...below are picks of before and after...they also provided the tools necessary to move our car...don't be fooled our car has special paint that helps it change color from green blue and turquoise depending on the angle and lighting of the sun...and to our eyes its perfect fit...they also help us with a incorrect placement of a previous job that someone did and told us about it and fixed it...I 100% recommend this place if i ever need anything this is my go to place. Thank you to the team for their amazing and hard work.


Jeff T. in Oakland, CA

On time and under budget. Excellent work. "Under budget" derives from the fact that Arturo ordered a part only because a nearby good auto shop, whose estimate was about $150 higher, had included it in its estimate. Arturo ordered the part out of caution after I showed him the other estimate, saying that he would not charge me for it if it was not needed. It was not needed and I was not charged. These are very nice and very competent people. They washed my car, including the interior. They did a couple other repairs silently and voluntarily. The primary repair -- rear bumper -- was done well. The only downside is that the shop is somewhat difficult to access because of nearby construction, but that's not their fault. Highly recommended for small to mid body work when you are paying out of pocket. I don't know about them otherwise.


Jessica G.

Joseph and VIP Auto get five stars!  I struck two raccoons on the freeway while traveling down in California. I had to return home for work in just two short days and my car was badly damaged from the impact.  I was tasked with finding an OPEN auto shop on a Sunday--of a holiday weekend.  
I got lucky when I called VIP Auto. For starters, Joseph came in to the shop on a Sunday (when they were closed!) just to look at my car.  That kind of personal service is hard to find. Joseph was at the shop before I even arrived and he promptly assessed the damage to my car. He thoroughly inspected the car and showed me the damage so that I understood it. He then provided me with two itemized estimates (one estimate for a full repair, and another estimate for repairs just to make the car drive-away safe because time was of the essence for me--I had to get home). 
Joseph and Arturo at VIP Auto were phenomenal every step of the way. Joseph went out of his way to make a tough situation easier for me. I was forced to wait until Tuesday (two days) for my insurance company to open (because apparently nobody ever crashes their car on a weekend or a legal holiday!) and Joseph was kind enough not to charge me a storage fee when many other places in town would have!  
VIP Auto communicated with me about my car MORE than my own insurance company! I found out important things about my car (e.g., the car was totaled, the car was being repaired, etc.) from VIP Auto BEFORE I ever learned them from my own insurance company! VIP Auto worked incredibly quickly with the insurance company. VIP Auto speedily took photos of my car and submitted them to my insurance company so that it could do a photo appraisal to approve the repairs. VIP Auto was constantly in contact with me, and always available when I called them. Joseph always answered the phone when I called. He was always positive, professional, reassuring, and was always on top of it!   
My car was (finally!) approved by insurance for repairs on Thursday and Joseph and the crew at VIP Auto had my car FULLY repaired by Saturday afternoon! Joseph worked after closing, just to get the job finished for me. The car was repaired beautifully, cleaned until it shone, and was even scented inside. You couldn't even tell that it had been in a wreck (except that the repaired side now looked BETTER than the rest of the car?!). 
VIP Auto provided one of the best auto repair experiences that I've ever had. I'd recommend them to anyone. Wishing you continued success, Joseph! Thank you again for getting me home!


Lizbet R. in Oakland, CA

I'd brought my  BMW after a small accident I couldn't drive my car because my front view was torn with broken windshield It looked really bad, I was a little worried of who to go to glad I'd came across VIP Auto Collision I totally loved the final work my car looks like brand new, the detail paint job, and what a great experience definitely recommend this body repair shop.


J S. in Oakland, CA

VIP is fantastic. Super high quality work. It was great to work with Joseph and Arturo. Can't recommend these guys enough.


Camille M. in Berkeley, CA

Best repair shop in Oakland! They worked with me and gave me a great deal and had my car fixed up in no time! I highly recommend this place to anyone who has been in an accident and needs Hugh quality repair at an affordable price.


Victor F. in Oakland, CA

I had some self inflicted scratches and deep dents. I have a black Mercedes E350 and I believe it is a difficult color. Arturo walked me through every step and the finished product is remarkable. I feel like I have the a new car. Jose was awesome, too. The price was reasonable and much less than I expected. 


Gabriel J. in Oakland, CA

Excellent experience and service ! Very friendly and professional people. I was about to sell my car before I got involved in a car crash. Arturo, Joseph and Jenny took care of me and my car with great professionalism and got the job done fast and perfectly! 100% Recommend.


Kate G. in Berkeley, CA

My Nissan Leaf was badly dented on both sides. VIP did an amazing job on it at a v good price. A week later my husband broke the wing mirror of the right hand side. To get a new one plus labor was going dent my wallet so soon after the other repairs. The mirror electrics were still attached so VIP glued and bolted the mirror on for me. Looks and works great and Arturo wouldn't charge me!!! Next job we are getting done there is my husband's truck resprayed. Can't rate VIP high enough. Thanks Jason at Nissan Leaf Oakland for passing their name on to me.


Marina K. in Oakland, CA

High quality and prompt repairs! They also offered us the best price! Thank you Arturo and Joseph for the great work! Our car tells you thank you as well :)


Matt W. in San Francisco, CA

Great shop, good work, fast, nice staff.


Lucia L. in Oakland, CA

VIP Auto Collision Repair was so wonderful when I was getting my bumper replaced! I was in a bit of a time crunch when I needed my car fixed. I didn't need to make an appointment. They were very efficient when giving me my estimate and helped me find the most affordable place to find the bumper. Joseph was so professional and kind, and even worked on New Years Eve and New Years Day to get my car fixed by the time I needed!


Derek G. in Berkeley, CA

Arturo and Joseph were great. They set my expectations for how long it would take to repair my car over the holidays, and worked with my insurance company to handle the appraisal and approval. The work they did was perfect, it was clear they took a lot of pride in their repairs. They even fixed an additional light which had damage discovered later, at no charge. Parking is a little tricky in the area but you can double park for short periods.


Harry M. in Oakland, CA

Joseph, the owner, did the initial estimate, which seemed very pleasantly low for what had to be done to repair damage from recent event  Then, I asked about another unrelated ding or two and Joseph said he would include those for no additional charge. Left the car over the weekend and got a ready call a day earlier than predicted. When we got there a 2010 Prius looked like a brand new car. I don't know what more I can say but Joseph is really nice guy, he does top notch work and the price is reasonable. If you ever need car repair, this is definitely the place to go. A word of caution, the place is a bit hard to find tucked in by the Acura dealership and another two story building.  Just look for the lime green on the front of his shop and you are at the right place.


Josh S.

Arturo and his team are extremely professional, thorough, and do great work. My side mirror was knocked off and my car dealer's service area had said it would cost between $400 and $500 to replace. At VIP, they did it for just $150 and did awesome work. They were quick, efficient, and friendly. I definitely recommend coming to this body shop if you have work you need done on your car. It was a great experience!


Russell B. in Oakland, CA

I have a later model car, low value, where the front bumper came slightly detached. The guys at VIP were great - they understood that I didn't need a new bumper and offered several ways to correct the problem without buying a new bumper. That is outstanding - and HONEST!! Excellent work and I would recommend them to anyone!


Dylan H. in Santa Ana, CA

These guys are the BEST! After my car got into a hit and run, I had to call a number of body shops that would take my car since it had aftermarket suspension, and though I was rejected elsewhere, VIP auto collision repair told me they would definitely work on my car. That's gave me a solid impression of them. They were prompt and quick with their estimates and even though the number of days it took to fix my car was a bit longer than I expected, I was more than happy when I got my car back. 
Arturo is the man! Kept me in the loop throughout the whole entire process of my car getting fixed. They even cleaned the outside/inside of my car, as well as got rid of the chips on my front bumper! I was skeptical about going to this place due to their lack of popularity among other body shops in the area, but I have been blown away by their friendly and engaging customer service. If you have any doubts about where you should bring your car for a fix, look no further--  VIP auto collision repair is the right shop for you.


Sarah W. in Oakland, CA

On September 27th, I was involved in a car accident on the street where I work. It is within minutes of VIP Auto Collision Repair and I am so grateful for that! Arturo and his team were nothing short of amazing throughout a rough experience. Always kind and willing to help however possible. There was a small mixup with one thing but they more than made up for it. They let me store my vehicle there while insurance was sorting out some stuff, which made things so much easier for me. The repairs ended up beautiful and my car is feeling better now than before the accident. They also completely washed the inside of my car (which was quite dirty!) so I really, really appreciate them for all of their patience and hard work! THANK YOU ARTURO!


Drea D. in San Francisco, CA

These guys are AMAZING! My nanny scratched up our bumper. I didn't want our insurance payments to go up so I decided to pay out of pocket. I walked in, got an estimate without an appointment. They fixed it the next day. They had the car for less than 26 hours (took it in on Friday and had it back Saturday morning). They were literally 1/2 the price of anywhere else I checked. Also they offered to drop the car off at my home. AND they washed and vacuumed my gross kid-trashed car. I was stunned. These guys are the best!!!! The only minor inconvenience was paying cash- but it was definitely worth it!


Ann M. in Emeryville, CA

I worked with Arturo and had the most amazing quick and great service!! My car, which had a lot of dents...looks brand new!! They finished it in 3 days!! When Geico insurance adjuster said it would take 9!! Excellent service and Arturo was so nice and friendly!! I would recommend him/VIP to anyone!!


Donald C. in Oakland, CA

I took my care in this morning to have the driver's side outside mirror replaced. The gentleman who met me at the entrance said, "Let me see if I have a sprocket that will fit."  He  came back with one and proceeded to replace my mirror with the one I had brought with me. He was done in ten minutes. I asked what I owed him, and he replied, "You give me whatever you think it is worth."  I'm sorry I didn't get the gentleman's name, but I think he was Arturo. I left there a very happy customer, and will return if and when I need their services again. You can't do better than this place.


Jon G. in Palo Alto, CA

I took my car here to replace the bumper and get the front of the car polished. The service was outstanding. The employees there took only a few days to make the necessary repairs and the car looked BRAND new after the work was done. The employees are also super honest, passionate and dedicated to making the repairs as high quality and inexpensive for the customer as possible. I will definitely bring my car back here for future repairs.


Jay B. in Oakland, CA

Joseph and Arturo are fantastic! The are great at what they do and a pleasure to work with, especially if you are interested in a no hype and trusting experience. They quickly assessed the damage to my Mini after getting sideswiped, ordered the parts and had it back in my hands in a few days. Plus, Joseph saw to it that the car was polished and cleaned inside and out. All in all a satisfying experience under stressful conditions.  Highly recommended!


Jeremy K. in Oakland, CA

They had a reasonable price ($1k) to fix three things: a watermelon-sized scrape, a shattered panel, and a dented metal strip. Had the first two done in 6 days, the metal strip took longer to arrive and they said they'd call me when it's in and replace it in ten minutes. No nonsense, nice folks, would recommend.


Super D. in Albany, CA

Brought my 2015 SUV to this body shop on a recommendation from a friend. The manager of the shop, Joseph was a really nice guy. Gave me an estimate quickly and provided an option of going through insurance or paying directly. I dropped my car off on a Tuesday morning and the car was ready on Friday at noon due to colder weather. The repair looked flawless. Very clean and professional job. I had a headlamp problem error flashing when leaving and Joseph took care of it quickly even though it was pouring rain outside. They called to get my car rental picked up, so I didn't have to deal with dropping it off. All in all, I was very happy with the experience. The only gripe I have is that my car took an extra day to finish, but they made up for that in price. I would definitely recommend them and would take my car back there.


Cathy O. in Berkeley, CA

Joseph and Arturo and their staff are the greatest. They repaired my Prius so it looks like new. The work was professional and the price was fair. I will recommend them to everyone I know.


Christopher C. in Concord, CA

I brought my car to multiple auto body shops before choosing VIP Auto Collision Repair. I was impressed by their service, reasonable prices and how quick they were able to fix my car. I worked with Arturo from quote to completion, he was extremely professional and quick to respond to any of my questions. I'm definitely going to bring my car for any further automobile issues and recommend them to anybody

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